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Pine Asked 2 years ago

Hello Rabbi and happy holidays,
If a case is drawn that there is a dispute between two parents regarding a circumcision for a baby. Legally and / or morally, should a party who wants a circumcision be allowed to perform it? Or should the situation be put on hold and let the child choose when he grows up?
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mikyab Staff Answered 2 years ago

It depends on what the agreements were between the couple from the beginning (when they got married). If there is no clear consent and it can not be deduced from a prison (e.g. the prevailing custom in their environment) etc., then it seems to me that morally one should let the baby choose when he grows up.

Chinese and sterile Responded 2 years ago

Moral from a religious rule no?

And if there is a clash between religious and moral here, will you exercise territorial considerations and prefer moral? (Actually, why not use these in general towards the baby? For example in places where the law or society does not approve of a word)

mikyab Staff Responded 2 years ago

Religious certainly not. And that the mother's objection expropriates the father's obligation?
I did not understand the question about territory. What is the connection?

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