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Recently, a series of videos by the Christian sect known as "Messianic Jews" have been uploaded to the Internet, including a critique of the Jewish tradition. We consider it our duty to go ahead and say that their arguments are faint and childish and do not really require reference. Quite embarrassing to conduct such an anachronistic controversy. And yet due to a request from readers who claim that the videos have an impact and that there is no orderly response to their arguments on the net, we decided to bring up some references here. The things that will be written here are intended for those who for some reason are bothered by this material.

New on the site: Response to iGod's answer to the reference series

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  1. BSD
    As for writing the articles, I want to give another point for thought. Jesus never denied the Resurrection, he himself has traditions that are not explicitly written in the Torah, for example he blessed the bread, made Seder night, recited the Haftarah, etc ..
    Notice his controversy against the Pharisees and Sadducees.

    Jesus explicitly says that the Pharisees are the ones sitting on the throne of Moses and that they should be heard "keep and do."

    When XNUMX
    1 Ithm of Isha Wa'ela, the 2nd of the beginning and the excesses and the excesses of the Choova on the grounds, you will only have them. The people and they do not want to move them even with their fingers.

    But against the Sadducees he had a controversy over the interpretation of the Torah

    Marcus XII

    And they came goddess Mn-htzdokim Hamrim there is not Thit Hmtim and Isalho Lamr: 19 Rbi Msh Ctb to us Ci Imot Ahi-ais and Hnih Ash and Bnim there is not to him and Lkh Ahio At-asto and Hkim seed Lahio: 20 And behold Sbah Ahim and he took Hrason Ash and Imt and La-hsair stern Zra: 21 and he took Ath Hsni and Imt and La-hnih Zra and Cn Neither do Hslisi: 22 and Ikhoh Cl-hsbah and La-hsairo Ahrihm Zra and Ahrnh Lclm Mth Neither do Hash: 23 and Ath Bthit Hmtim Csikomo Lmi Mhm Thih a wife Ci Lsbah Hith Lash: 24 and said to Jesus Alihm Hla Taim Atm For ye knew not the scriptures, nor the might of God.


    His criticism of the Pharisees was about their actions and not about their faith and interpretation of the Torah while in front of the Sadducees he had a faith controversy. From this it can be concluded that Jesus was closer to the Pharisees than to the Sadducees.

    1. Of course the igod channel arguments are silly and childish, just like any other argument that ostensibly proves the existence of God, Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.
      A few points to consider:
      * The essence of life is exactly as we decide to define it. Each person to himself.
      * The beginning of the universe at a singular point does not prove that it was not preceded by anything else, but that there is simply no way of knowing what it was.
      * If God exists, how do we know which of His commentators to believe? Christianity, Judaism, Islam or any other religion. Even within any major religion, there are many different currents that contradict each other.
      * God was invented by man and has no meaning without the existence of the believer. In the absence of a person who believes in God there is no God.

    2. True, if you have a feeling that this is Mount Sinai where you (= heroism) are revealed and give us Torah (from the mouth of heroism), you are wrong. Your collection of statements is quite similar to the statements of Jesus or anyone else. Without reasons it is not worth the energy of typing on the keyboard nor does it have a place here.
      By the way, I have not seen here even one point for thought. Maybe interrupted in the middle.

    3. If you visit an ancient synagogue, you will see that there is a Moses chair there. A chair on which the Torah reader sits and reads the Torah. Jesus said we will do whatever the Pharisees tell us. When? When they sit on Moses' chair. But do not behave like them.

  2. Seder night:

    And the disciples will do as Jesus commanded them, and they will prepare the Passover. And it came to pass in the evening, that he returned from the twelfth year. And he will eat and say, 'Amen, I say to you, one of you will deliver me.' And they were greatly distressed, and every man began to say to him: 'Is I my lord?' And he answered and said, The man that dipped his hand in the bowl with me, he will deliver me. The Son of Man is going to walk as it is written about him, and woe to the man by whom the Son of Man will be delivered. It's good for that unborn man. ' And Judah answered him, and said, Master, is it I? And he said unto him, Thou hast said. And it came to pass, when he had eaten, that Jesus took the bread, and blessed it, and spread it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, and eat; this is my body. And he took the cup and blessed it and gave it to them and said: 'Drink from it all of you, for it is my blood, the blood of the new covenant that is shed for many to forgive sins. And I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it with you, and it shall be new in the kingdom of my Father. ' And it came to pass, when they had made an end of speaking, that they went out into the mount of Olives.
    (When etc.)
    2. Haftarah:

    And the Anoim: 17 Slhni Lhbs Lnsbri-lb Lkra Lsboim Dror and Laorim Fkh-koh Lslh Rtzotzim Hfsim Lkra Snt-rtzon Lihoh: 18 and it came to pass as far as Gll At-hsfr and Isibho Al-hhzn and Isb and Aini Cl-asr Bbit Hcnst Nsaot Alio: 19 Ihl and said Alihm Hiom Let this scripture be filled with your ears.
    (Lucas D)

  3. Know what? Let's sum it up once and for all!

    If the oral Torah from God can not contradict the written Torah agree?
    So how is it possible that the resident claims that the "do not devour" refers to the rabbis and that they are allowed to add as many mitzvot as they please? This and more violates the prohibition "Thou shalt not add to the thing which I command thee, and thou shalt not diminish from it - to keep, the commandment, the commandment."

    1. Yes, it will probably be once and for all. That way it always works with you. When I answer you immediately accept and move on to the next topic. The so-called once and for all.

      This sophisticated and difficult question (I hope I will recover from this amazing blow. Really "fell and will not rise again daughter of Israel") has already been asked by the former, and there are even various controversies about it. In fact, she has already raised a beard.

      First, there can certainly be a contradiction between the "Torahs" (or between the Deresh and the Pesht), as I explained in my columns.
      Secondly, we really do not agree with your unfounded assumption about "you will not go away". See in column 6 (in general, it is advisable to read, and even occasionally try to understand, what I am writing before discussing my remarks). The sages have the authority to legislate and interpret the Torah, and it is written in "Thou shalt not die."
      Third, it is forbidden to add mitzvos, but it is permissible and necessary to amend regulations and make decrees when necessary (make a shift for my shift), and it is said "do not give away" and "as much as you can" (for Maimonides. For Maimonides the source is different). Indeed, Maimonides writes at the beginning of the XNUMXth verse of Miriam that the B'D that adds a regulation or a decree must indicate that this is not a Dauriyta halakhah so that he does not pass over Bel Tosef. So where is the contradiction here? Is it because there is an insurmountable prohibition that we are not allowed to legislate laws in the country? Maybe this too Bell will not add? Addition is the addition of mitzvos to the Dauriyta mitzvot system and not the addition of other laws.
      Although other Rishonim claim that the sages (and perhaps also the laymen) are not forbidden to add mitzvos at all, and "Bel Tosef" deals with adding and changing details of a mitzvah (such as adding a thread in a tassel or a parsha in tefillin).
      It's a short lesson on one leg, and I'm sure we've now closed the matter once and for all as you wrote.

  4. Your Honor, can you explain the difference in essence between the mitzvot from Durban and the mitzvot from Dauriyta? Why bless the Durban mitzvah in the Ahma Akbo?
    On the one hand, you say that it is forbidden to add mitzvos, but it is permissible to add regulations, etc., and you sages have added the blessing of lighting Hanukkah candles.

    No wise person, no matter how wise, has the authority to legislate and interpret the Torah under any circumstances. We must adhere to the commentary of Moshe Rabbeinu, the only one we received at Horev, as it is explicitly written, "Since Moshe clarified this Torah," therefore - only his commentaries and commentaries on the words of God are from Sinai. And everything that is written in the Gemara that does not interpret and explain the Torah foxes - I have no obligation to listen to them or even know them.

    1. I did not understand all these questions. Is it stupidity, wickedness, or arrogance:
      Regarding the blessing of Akavu, the Gemara on Shabbat already discussed this and said that they also mentioned Durban in "La Tesur."
      2. Chanukah candle lighting is not a shift law, as this law is said only about decrees and reservations. Here it is done by virtue of the authority to enact more laws (provided that they are not presented as Torah law), which Maimonides learned from "thou shalt not remove."
      And to know that in the Haggadah (according to the Hatas explanation) the Hanukkah candle and the Megillah on Purim are from Dauriyta since they are taught in the Pesach Koch (and what laboratories for freedom say poetry, from death to life not so much). Admittedly it is tight in his method, and there is no place here.
      3. The sages of the generations have complete authority to interpret the Torah and the Sanhedrin and the Talmud also have the authority to legislate, and that which we have learned from "thou shalt not forsake" and "as much as thou shalt." And those who adhere only to the commentaries of Moshe Rabbeinu (who of course cannot know from them without the tradition of Toshba'af) are species and heretics, and also fools.

  5. Hello again,
    Thanks for the quick response, what about Shabbat candles Honorable Rabbi who fixed this? And why did no sage count this mitzvah from the Torah? What is the point of separating the mitzvos of Durban from the mitzvos of Gd? Not to mention "even wrong, even shoggin - hear in their voice."
    From your words comes the honor of the rabbi, who in Moshe Moshe Rabbeinu has passed away and changed a lot, do you admit it?
    By the way, it is written in "Avot" that Moshe received Torah from Sinai and gave it to Joshua ... And here I showed that Moshe Rabbeinu gave it to the people as it is written "put in their mouths" - how does it work out?

    1. Since the question comes up again and again at the same time in several threads under a few different nicks, it's probably a troll.
      I suppose the next question will be why the heads of Babylonians are oval (see Shabbat not AA). I wondered if it was still appropriate to follow the custom of Rabbi Frieda (Eruvin Ned AB) this time as well, and to answer a troll who makes the same question 400 times more difficult (under a different nick).

      If you want I can offer a list of Durban laws and it will save you a search to raise the same question every time about a different Durban law. But still I will give you another logical tip: if you ask the same question over and over again in different words each time about a different Halacha Durban it does not become a different question, and certainly not a better question.

      As for your new difficulty from "putting in their mouths" this is already a new technique. We have now moved on to the nonsense districts. It is a wonder to me that it did not make it difficult for me from the verse that Lotan's sister will refrain or from the fact that Migo will not exclude Amrinen, from there it is clearly proven that the Torah we have does not belong to Moshe and it is logical proof that Judaism is a lie.
      I must say that I recognize here the ability of argument, understanding and thinking shown in the video, and I would not be surprised if the trump card is nothing but the speaker from there.

    2. That the rabbi has trauma from Mishael Gargamel and their friends. The Trolls Trio.

      That does not mean that my son is them…

      Too bad to write in an aggressive way because of the wrong inference.

  6. To all the Messiahs, I wanted to ask about your belief in the "new" covenant:
    In the Old Testament it is written: In Psalms KJV ::

    To the world of God - your word, stands in heaven.
    To generation and generation, your faith; Land drive, and stand
    Your righteousness has justice to the world; And your teaching is true
    His battle, lewd pursuers; Get away from your teachings.
    Close you are the Lord; And all your commandments are true.
    I knew beforehand, from your testimonies: for you have never established.

    So there is no room for another covenant that is different or subordinate to the first covenant.
    Let us hear from you… one by one please
    Hope I am clear, and that if you know how to thank the truth, you will become devout Jews in Gd by the way of the Torah.
    If you have noticed King David peace be upon him that those who turn away from the doctrine of God are no less than persecutors of lewdness.
    What explanation will you bring from the Pope? Because you probably can not get out of it!

    1. Response to the rabbi.
      King David and Psalms be strong and blessed and the word of the Lord true.
      The Lord spoke in the mouth of the prophet Jeremiah chapter no.
      According to this we are all condemned to death with no mercy and the grace of God that will bring us correction through a new covenant as written in many scriptures and places.
      By the way what does Psalms chapter two say?
      Psalm XNUMX?
      What about Daniel who prophesies in chapter nine verse twenty-two
      The time of the coming of the Messiah.
      And Malachi XNUMX verse a
      Isaiah Ng
      Zechariah XNUMX verse XNUMX A day when we will know the Messiah whom we stabbed at the crucifixion of Jesus by name.
      and so…. The whole Bible points to Christ Israel Jesus.
      Sages say that all the prophets speak to Christ.
      Are you, Rabbi, supposed to be familiar with all the scriptures ?!
      In addition to the New Testament, there were other covenants that God made.
      Example Alliances are familiar to many.
      Covenant of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.
      Brit Moshe,
      David's Covenant,
      And the New Testament.

  7. In the revival of Rambo,
    The saga of igod ended a year ago. Why did you suddenly come to renew it?

    “The Lord spoke in the mouth of the prophet Jeremiah chapter no. ”
    Mentioned in other verses is a world covenant so that your understanding is a contradiction to the verses.

    Covenant of Mitzvos (part of the Torah):
    35. And the children of Israel kept the sabbath, to observe the sabbath throughout their generations, a covenant of an everlasting covenant. (Exodus XNUMX:XNUMX / Great Readings)
    42. On the Sabbath day on the Sabbath we shall keep it before the Lord always from among the children of Israel, an everlasting covenant. (Leviticus XNUMX: XNUMX / Great Readings)
    55. And he and his seed after him had a covenant of an everlasting priesthood under which he envied his God, and made atonement for the children of Israel. (In the wilderness XNUMX: XNUMX / Great readings)
    Covenant of contact with God:
    49. Even so, when they were in the land of their enemies, they did not grow weary, nor did they go astray for their bride to break my covenant with them, for I am the Lord God. (Leviticus XNUMX: MD / Great Readings)
    105. And the angel of the LORD went up from the wheel to weep, and said, I will bring you up out of the land of Egypt, and I will bring you into the land of Egypt. (Judges XNUMX: XNUMX / Great Readings)
    234. And Jacob made a covenant with Israel for an everlasting covenant. (Psalms XNUMX: XNUMX / Great Readings)

    If so, we have nothing but to do what the rabbi here often repeats the Lex specialis principle.
    Sometimes a little okima is done. And the intent of a new covenant is not new provisions. But perhaps as a covenant of friendship (David and Jonathan) a covenant of marriage (as in the Psalms).
    For a moment, this is not exactly what you said at the end of your speech. Example Alliances are familiar to many. Brit Noach, Brit Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov. The Covenant of Moses, the Covenant of David, and the New Testament. ”
    So why did I claim that the covenant that these verses in Jeremiah are the kind you think ?!

    What also proper oil was to read the whole chapter, and not like the missionary method that takes verses / parts of verses without any context.
    At the beginning of chapter XNUMX (the above chapter) it is about the exile, then from verse XNUMX it is about the good north of Israel, then again it is about Rachel crying from the exile and God comforts her "there is a reward for your action". Then in verse XNUMX it is about the future blessing for Israel and the planting of Israel in his land and then comes the famous verses that will take place in the future to come and make a new covenant.

    So also to your method if you say that these are new laws and a new covenant no matter how you want to interpret it.
    Yet according to the chapter it does not speak at all about Jesus.

    And even if you forcefully push that the rest of the Book of Jeremiah / Chapter / Torah except for these verses are later additions of the rabbinical sect. You can always see that even the verses themselves do not speak of Jesus.

    “And it came to pass, when I had made an end of offering them, that I might cast them out, and break them in pieces, and destroy them, and destroy them; Power in those days, they shall say no more, The fathers have eaten of the fruit of the womb; And two sons, Tikhina. For if a man in his iniquity die, all the man that eateth the carcass shall eat of it. {S} L Behold, the days come, saith the LORD; And I made the house of Israel, and the house of Judah, a new covenant. Not as a covenant, which I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by the hand, to bring them out of the land of Egypt: Behold, this is the covenant which I will make known to the house of Israel after those days, saith the LORD; And I was to them God, and what shall I be to the people? LEF and not left, we married his nephew to blame, alingtively, to him, the Gauna, the Bedouin-Yehava - Therech Establishment - Any.

    One can easily discern in the verses themselves that you have brought that their prophecy has not been fulfilled at all. No one feels the doing of the good and the commandment of the Lord from his heart. And I was their God, and what shall I be to the people?
    A definite doge like no other can be found here in abundance on the site! Some heresy is poured out here in the water. That even if during the 'Old Covenant', people went to their rabbi to learn faith it would not happen in the New Covenant. And they shall not learn any more, every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD.

    And if you go to the sites of the heretics (if you need how much I will send you) then you will see that the end of the prophecy 'did not take place at all

    For all they have known me of their smallness, and of their greatness, saith the LORD, that I will forgive their iniquity, and I will not remember their iniquity. ”

    As for the sequel I am already tired today to answer (I had a hard day today). Maybe I'll write tomorrow if I find time.
    The rest of the questions can be read in clear language in Rabbi Nissim Ohana's book "Know what you will answer". He wrote the answers to the Mufti of Gaza that the missionaries took over a hospital in the city. An interesting introduction he has in the book. You will find in the treasure of wisdom.

    In any case, the pattern of the answer to the existing missionary is also regarding the other verses you have brought.
    A. The missionary claims are not simplistic words. And even if it does it is usually just one. Although there are equally good simplifications if not much much more.
    B. They do not match the content of the episode.
    third. They are hidden from Manu and Beya.

    The book I referred to shows this in a lot of doge. [But about the New Testament he did not speak probably it has been a new low of igod in the last decade. So I was honored to write the matter in a few minutes, I guess I will have many more arguments if I open the verses, not when the eyes are half closed…]

    1. Hello my friend / brother.
      I answer the rabbi's question "who can get out of this" so I responded even if it was a year ago.
      I do not understand what your answer has to do with keeping Shabbat and mitzvos ?! This is not what we are discussing here, but who the Messiah of Israel is.
      You may be tired but if you come in to correct me and refute, please answer previous questions.
      In the Bible it is written that the Gentiles will wish God and bow to Him and God will be a light to the Gentiles.
      The Great World Today Through and Through Who Knows the God of Israel?
      What else can I say?.?! There is a lot to say and interested in debate.
      Messiah is God in his own right as it is written:
      And so it began that God revealed Himself to us and carried out His plan.
      Isaiah XNUMX verse hand
      Isaiah Net verse XNUMX.
      And what is its function: Isaiah chapter sa
      Isaiah Chapter IX
      Read to the end and the criticism that God is criticizing his people.
      Finally the good news
      Isaiah Meg and all good to demand and trust in Gd.
      Simplify enough to discover with yourself who God and Christ are.
      The kingdom of heaven is near!
      Bless you.

  8. I see you are replacing the questions like a professional missionary.

    There is no match between what you just mentioned and what you wrote earlier. And I answered what you asked very well. The mitzvos are only one aspect of the answer. I just do not know what your understanding is of the concept of a "new covenant" that requires a new religion. And so I shot to any understanding that you would not have, and in the process to show that the prophecy had not yet come. Things are clear Too bad you stopped in the first paragraph.

  9. It is important for me to note as a secular young man looking for some answers regarding this group - although there is no real value to their arguments, but they manage to do their job well.
    Their cheap use of sexuality, editing that is suitable for teenagers and all sorts of other digital means makes them even a dangerous group.
    Keep working and refute their content.

    1. Mehdi The biggest problem with them is that they do not have integrity.
      A. They do not let write comments, but only those who swear and then supposedly have nothing to say to them.
      B. They lie in free arguments.
      third. They fake, let's say they show that rabbis are afraid to meet with them and invite them to an open debate against anyone who agrees, but when someone agrees then either they ignore it, or worse, they rewrite his comment and post a fake comment on their site… like he wrote he did not want! It's insanely annoying.
      D. They are trying to censor videos claiming copyright, to videos that have responded to them and to that end have cut parts of their videos!

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