The right of the persecutor to oppose his neutralization

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exultation Asked 3 months ago

Hello Rabbi,
Ostensibly if there is a mitzvah for everyone to neutralize the persecutor, then there is a mitzvah for the persecutor himself not to oppose the neutralization? Or does the persecutor still have the right to oppose the neutralization (and even to the point of killing the neutralizer)? It seems to me that there is no reference to this in the Mishnah Torah Laws of the Murderer and the Preservation of the Soul, Chapter A.

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mikyab Staff Answered 3 months ago

This matter appears in singers. The Gemara says that if he had overturned and killed Pinchas from a persecuting state he would have been exempt. And in Malam F.A. Mahal a murderer discusses the extensions of this law (what about an accidental murderer who kills the savior of the blood, and the one who kills the messenger in the second verse must also be discussed).
A persecutor has no right to oppose neutralization just as he has no right to kill. In fact he himself had to kill himself from a persecuting state (or of course stop persecuting). This is how I explained here a few weeks ago the law that in the emissary in BD there is no permission to kill him because the defendant himself must kill himself. Killing criminals is a mitzvah imposed on the public, and a B'D messenger is a messenger of all (including the persecuted).

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