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Pine Asked 6 years ago

Hello Rabbi,
Do you think it is forbidden to pass in front of a camera that follows traffic on Saturday, or in front of a flashlight that is lit by traffic, assuming that I have no interest in turning on the flashlight or turning on the camera.

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mikyab Staff Answered 6 years ago

To the best of my knowledge there is no prohibition on this. And many have already dealt with it (for example in the Shevet Halevi responsa and more). See for example here:

Uriel Responded 6 years ago

Question in the same context ..
What about going over the volume detector of an alarm system when the system is off?
System off = detector works and alerts but the system will not sound an alarm as it is in standby mode. The detector is wireless and can only transmit without the possibility of input, so it can not be switched off through the system but only by removing a battery.

Michi Staff Responded 6 years ago

What is the difference? same as above.

Uriel Responded 5 years ago

Just sharpen the question.
This means that the detector works and transmits every time you pass it, but the alarm system does not respond to the transmitter.
It's a detector installed in my house and I can in principle before every Saturday cover the detectors / remove the battery.
The only difference is that I have the option to solve the problem. The question is whether this hassle is necessary.

Michi Staff Responded 5 years ago

If the detector wakes up but does not transmit anything I see no reason to worry. In my opinion there is no prohibition on this. Rabbi Rabinowitz renewed that when you do not see direct results for action it is not forbidden (for a card that opens a hotel door on Shabbat), and there it is when there are results (the door opens) but do not see the consequences of transferring the card. This is a novelty that I'm not sure I agree with. But here there are no results at all (and not only do not see them) so I do not see a need to aggravate.

Moshe Responded 5 years ago

I think you should only turn on the detector on days when you are not at home. Obviously not?

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